Below are a range of excellent resources for more information about the human rights abuses occurring in Iran and the government’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

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Amnesty International’s Human Rights in Islamic Republic of Iran
The Amnesty International Website contains extensive and comprehensive reports on all of the documented human rights abuses of the Iranian regime.

Persecution of the Baha’i Community in Iran
To this day, the Baha’i community remains as one of the most heavily persecuted discriminated religious groups in Iran. The link above contains extensive information on the persecution of this community, along with updated news stories relating to the treatment of people of the Baha’i faith in Iran.

Enduring America – EA World View
EA World View provides constant blog updates on Iranian News and Politics as it happens, often with eye-witness accounts from those still in Iran.

The Iran Human Rights and Democracy Library
This site, which presents information in both English and Farsi, provides in-depth analysis on political issues in Iran, and also contains a very extensive library that documents human rights and democracy in Iran. The library includes official documents and personal testimonies of various accounts.

Human Rights House of Iran
This website constant news updates on civil, labor, women, prisoner, student, ethnic, and religious rights in Iran, along with rolling updates on conditions of activists and citizens incarcerated in Iranian prisons. Information can be accessed in both English and Farsi.

Institute for Science and International Security
Provides in-depth analysis and reports on the progress of Iran’s rapidly developing and increasingly dangerous nuclear program.

Iran Daily Brief
Iran Daily Brief is a news source for matters relating to international relations, military activity, economics, domestic affairs, and human rights in Iran.

Iran Human Rights Documentation Center
One of the most renowned sites for information on human rights in Iran, the IHRDC not only reports on news stories relating to human rights with witness testimonies, but further provides extensive reports on specific topics pertaining to the crisis of human rights in Iran, such as rape in Iranian prisons.

Iran Human Rights Voice
Iran Human Human Rights Voice (IHRV) monitors, reports, and provides news and analysis of cases of human rights violations among Iranian social and political activists, students, women, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, labor unions, and immigrant communities

Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees

The IRQ works to increase public awareness about, and provide support such as legal services and financial assistance, to refugees and immigrants leaving Iran because of persecution bases on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Iran Watch Library

The Iran Watch Library contains documents related to Iran’s mass destruction programs. One can browse the library for documents such as International Atomic Energy Agency reports on Iran’s nuclear work, U.N. Security Council resolutions sanctioning Iran, and documents from the U.S. government, the Iranian government and seventeen foreign governments.

United Against Nuclear Iran
United Against Nuclear Iran is an excellent source for updates on Iran’s developing nuclear program and for information on various companies that are violating international sanctions by continuing to conduct business with Iran.

Reports on Iran’s Nuclear Program 
The New York Times provides dozens of links to reports on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program 
Iran has the largest and most diverse ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East. Learn more about this dangerous development at the link above.

Iranian Regime’s Relationship with Hezbollah
Iran is the primary source of funding for Hezbollah. The U.S. Department of Defense estimated in April 2010 that Iran provides Hezbollah with $100 to $200 million in annual baseline funding, not including arms transfers and supplementary payouts. Read more detailed reports about this relationship at the link.

Iran Funnels New Weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan 
With the Iranian regime aggressively escalating its interference amid the revolutionary fervor in the Gulf Region, developing reports from senior U.S. officials confirm that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Iran’s elite military unit has transferred lethal new munitions to allies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps 
The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is Iran’s most powerful security and military organization, responsible for the protection and survival of the regime. The Guards are also currently Iran’s most powerful economic actor, reinforcing their influence over political decisions. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards have formed a symbiotic relationship that buttresses the supreme leader’s authority and preserves the status quo.

Iranian Interference
Iran In Africa; Broken Promises, Terrorism, and Drugs 
Tension Rises Between Iran and the Gulf States
Iran Attempting to Expand Regional Turmoil Amid Mideast Turmoil

Infamous Quotes from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly and consistently made public statements against the human rights of Iran’s citizens and citizens worldwide. These sentiments are extremely troubling when paired with President Ahmadinejad’s ongoing pursuit of a possible nuclear weapons program.
President Ahmadinejad Discusses Oppression in Iran
President Ahmadinejad Discusses September 11th 
President Ahmadinejad Discusses the Rights of Women
President Ahmadinejad Discusses Homosexuality in Iran
President Ahmadinejad Discusses the Holocaust