is World Press Freedom Day. It is important to shine a light on all countries that limit freedom of expression and intimidate journalist through coercion or violence.

We at Iran180 want to point the finger at one of the world’s most egregious offenders. The Islamic Republic of Iran has enshrined censorship into their legal code by enacting restrictive press laws.  They also go against their own constitution by arbitrarily arresting journalists, coercing confessions to false accusations through torture, and finally sentencing them to devastating prison terms or executions.

Iran180 wants to recognize World Press Freedom Day by shining a light on the repression of journalists in Iran. We compiled interview highlights from leading reporters and experts in our featured video:


Amnesty International - Iran: ‘We are ordered to crush you’: Expanding repression of Dissent in Iran

Amnesty International - Iran: Election Contested, Repression Compounded

Iranian Human Rights Documentation Center - Impunity in Iran: The Death of Photojournalist Zahra Kazemi

Iranian Human Rights Documentation Center – Mockery of Justice:  The Framing of Siamak Pourzand

U.S. Department of State - Iran 2010 Country Report on Human Rights Practices