A sampling of headlines about tomorrow’s elections in Iran seem pretty confused about what is happening tomorrow.

Despite Limited Election Choices, Iranians Eager To Be Heard – NPR

A look at Iran’s voters and election process – AP

New president: Iran preps for 11th election since 1979 Islamic Revolution – RT

Iran elections: ‘wherever Rouhani speaks there’s a frenzy’- The Guardian

The (mostly) unchecked assumption that what is happening should be considered an election in the way, say, the Netherlands holding a vote should be considered an election, is patently absurd. Let’s not be so naive.

When you get into the meat they all aren’t so bad, and we should say that there are at least some headlines, sometimes in the same publications, that point out something serious and disturbing and true about what is happening. Take these examples:

Google says it blocked hackers on eve of Iran election – AP

Yes, we realize they call it an election. But let’s be real, what they are really talking about is the ruthless targeting of everyday Iranians who may not be onboard with the Iranian regime. That’s at least real-talk.